Inconsequential, Maybe Incoherent Ramblings on 3rd Strike

Just explained why sf4 was a better game


Let me know if this scenario sounds familiar to you.

You're playing a casual set against someone. The specific game doesn't matter. 
Time slips away, as it always does. 
You soon realise two things. The first is that you've somehow been playing this game for a good hour.
The second is that you have not derived any enjoyment from this game for that hour.

That happened to me, recently. I played a casual set against my friend, and it slowly began to dawn on me after about 45 minutes that I was just not enjoying myself.
I was not enjoying playing Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.

This could be a tweet. It kind of already is, in fact. It doesn’t really need to be anything more than that — if I don’t like the game, I don’t have to play it. Why go beyond that? It’s not like I’m about…

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The “Footsies” Problem: (Mis)understanding Samurai Shodown


So, uh, that new Samurai Shodown game will be upon us soon. As in “good grief it’s coming out in two weeks” soon.
There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the game, which is pleasantly surprising, considering that Samurai Shodown, while certainly being one of SNK’s more prolific franchises, doesn’t quite have the degree of influence their main fighting franchise, The King of Fighters, has within the FGC at large. SNK has been doing a bang-up job of marketing the game, using the #EmbraceDeath tag line to highlight the series’ signature gameplay, and — as is, really, par for the course when promoting an upcoming fighting game release these days — passing the game around at various conventions and fighting game tournaments to give people a chance to get their hands on the game.

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